Mucus ~ Haiku

Endless Mucus Flow
Where Does It Keep Coming From??
Nose Keeps Making More
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  1. Sounds like a nasty cold, if ever there was one! Stopping by from the A - Z Challenge today :)

  2. Hi! Lovely site! looking forward to joining you at the 2014 A-to-Z challenge! I am part of #teamDamyanti this year! We will be hosting the #AZChat tonight at 8 pm EDT. Hope to see you there!Mary aka Viola Fury A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal BlogFest – Sign Up Now #atozchallenge #atozreveal

  3. Ha ha ha!!! I wish I had stumbled upon this haiku a week ago when I was sick, dribbling, and sneezing my head off. All better now - thanks for the giggle! - marci :)

  4. I love that you wrote a haiku about snot. Just proves that anything...ANYTHING...can be subject matter for creativity.

  5. Get well soon! good luck with A to Z
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  6. This would be a good haiku for people with a cold. I used to write haikus in sixth grade because our teacher was obsessed with these. It was fun, but I would have to think a bit more if I wrote one today, as I have not done it in so long. Anyway, I am stopping by since you are below me on the A to Z Challenge List, so I just wanted to wish you good luck.

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