Omelet ~ Haiku

Perfect Half-Moon Shape
Filled With Goodies, Oozing Cheese
Must Break A Few Eggs!

Noodle Wallpaper ~ Haiku

'When They Stick, They're Done.'
All My Pasta Thrown At Walls...
Nothing Left To Eat!

Bowling ~ Haiku

Very Heavy Ball
Those Pins Look So Far Away
Who Else Wore These Shoes?

Address Book ~ Haiku

Once A Year Update
Where Have All These People Gone?
When Did We Lose Touch?

Redneck Hors D'oeuvres ~ Haiku

Chunks Of Homemade Cheese
Tiny Wienies Dipped In Sauce
Good Stuff On Toothpicks

Marriage Vows ~ Haiku

Till Death Do Us Part
Try To Leave And I'll Kill You
A Deal Is A Deal

Beard ~ Haiku

Warm Scratchy Whiskers
Make Nice Braids While Grandpa Sleeps
Won't He Be Surprised

Electric Bill ~ Haiku

Sitting In The Dark
Still Watching For An Offer
Guess I Planned Badly

Girls Gone Wild ~ Haiku

Drunk Girls Showing Off
Now: A Million Dollar Show
Some Day: They'll Regret...

American Idol ~ Haiku

Singing on T.V.
A Chance To Be Discovered
Still, You Need Talent!

Snoring ~ Haiku

The Sound Is So Loud
No One Else Can Sleep A Wink
Can't You Hear Yourself??

Veteran of the Pie War ~ Haiku

Dazed Asparagus
Bathing In A Giant Tub
Ducky Comforts Him

Light Bulb Changes ~ Haiku

Ironic Struggle
This Job Would Be Easier
If It Was Not Dark


Chocolate Chip Cookies ~ Haiku

Warm from the oven
Served with a cold glass of milk
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