Cat ~ Haiku

compact warm bundle
in the center of my bed
I hate to move him


  1. Oh, I love haiku! I wrote a poem on our "B" day (which was also my NaPoWriMo) but it got zero comments so I wrote a prose piece, too. I am grateful to find another poet via the A to Z Challenge!
    My Check in for the day.

  2. I remember when I used to sleep with my cats, but then I became allergic to them and have them no more. Thanks for the memories. If you would like to read my "C" Challenge, go here:

  3. Ah - thats cute. And creative. I'm here from the A2Z Challenge stopping by and I think I'm gonna follow!. Shah. X

  4. Found you via the A-Z challenge....keep up the great Haiku! I'm your newest follower.

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