Zebra Stripes ~ Haiku

they're white with black stripes;
or are they black with white stripes?
zebra does not care

Yarn ~ Haiku

compulsive hobby
collecting yarn to crochet
stash out of control!

X-Rays ~ Haiku

hold still though it hurts
wait nervously for results
then hear the bad news

Warm Laundry ~ Haiku

Just Before Bedtime
Put Blankets In The Dryer
Go To Bed Toasty

Vegetable Garden ~ Haiku

hands in the clean soil
watching the seeds burst with new life
eat the fresh results

Under the Fridge ~ Haiku

Something Doesn't Smell Okay
Eww, Decaying Mice!

Teeth ~ Haiku

Keep them very clean!
Heed this warning or you will...
Keep them in a glass!


Socks ~ Haiku

Once upon a time,
I tried to dry both my socks.
I have just one left.


Rain ~ Haiku

Shower From Heaven
Run Outside And Dance In It
Let The Neighbors Laugh

Quilters ~ Haiku

Scraps sown with love
Quilters make nice comforters
Sharing peace by piece

Pajamas ~ Haiku

Fresh from the dryer
Soft and warm against my skin
Snuggle me to sleep

Ode to eBay

Beanies To Kidneys
The Internet Version Of
Portobello Road

Noodle Wallpaper ~ Haiku

'When They Stick, They're Done.'
All My Pasta Thrown At Walls...
Nothing Left To Eat!

Mommies ~ Haiku

like the life they give others
mommies are special


Lincoln Logs ~ Haiku

thriftshop treasure find
memories of my childhood
shared with my own kids


Koalas ~ Haiku

sitting in a tree
eating eucalyptus leaves
so adorable

Jenga ~ Haiku

keep your hand steady
loosen blocks so carefully
don't let tower fall


Igloo ~ Haiku

house made out of ice
what if it catches on fire?
those inside would drown

Heros ~ Haiku

everyday people
who stand up when there is need
and put others first

Giraffes ~ Haiku

gaunt giraffes gently
go galloping gallantly
gain glamorous goals

Fried Food ~ Haiku

enjoying fried food
though I know it's bad for me
grease is so yummy


Easter Eggs ~ Haiku

White eggs being dipped
Changing to every color
They still taste the same!

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D is for Doughnuts

bought baker's dozen
told everyone there were twelve
ate the thirteenth one!


Cat ~ Haiku

compact warm bundle
in the center of my bed
I hate to move him


Bisquik ~ Haiku

makes pancakes, biscuits,
and all manner of desserts
versatile powder


Anything ~ Haiku

a challenge to write
on things starting with an "a"
is overly broad

"almost anything"
seems too much like "everything"
and might never end